About Ficelles de Fidelle

My workshop grew out of a passion for antiquities and designing for friends.  The handcrafted jewelry of ficelles de fidelle is inspired by natural forms in combination with unknowable fragments that come down to us from an ancient past.

My approach to jewelry design is informed by many years as a landscape designer.   In realizing a garden, I’m always looking to articulate relationships between shapes, colors and textures in nature.  Whether working in ¼ scale to configure a string of oak trees meandering through grasses or arranging a path of roman glass beads with random stepping-stones of gold discs, the same approach holds true.  And so does the result-  a delicate variety in things that aren’t quite perfect, happening upon a pattern, and infinite color palettes of blues and greens reflecting the natural world all influence my joy for jewelry design.

‘Ficelles de Fidelle’ began with two French words- ficelles, threads and fidelle, the name of my dog meaning  loyal or faithful in French.  Strung together, they made a nice sound and the name has stuck ever since popping into my head 10 years ago.  With these designs, mysteries of ancient memories are revived.  In threading the past to the future, I hope these pieces will tap into the wearer’s own intuition, imagination, delight and sense of beauty.