etruscant   southseast

The Etruscan Collection grew out of a passion for the iridescent and ocean colors found in ancient Roman and Islamic glass.  They are strung together with seed pearls, pear-shaped gems and hammered gold (fill) discs to create one of a kind ficelles de fidelle that are modern but also evoke the lush tones of antiquity.  More about this beautiful glass can be found on the info page.

The South Sea Collection is inspired by the purity and power in the designs of Pacific Islanders. Irregularly shaped Tahitian pearls are hand selected in pairs for each necklace.  They can range from luscious cream-colored whites to the deep grey-greens of the ocean.  In keeping with the simplicity of design, one pearl slips in through the loop and tucks in behind the second drawing the eye to a pearled talisman circling the neck with golden beads.