A Bird’s Eye View

More About Ancient and Roman Glass

This collection is from the Afghan tribal village of Maza – i – Sharif and sourced through a family that has been dealing in ethnic beads and antiquities for over 30 years.  The Roman ellipse necklaces are made from shards of Roman vessels dating back to 200 BC .  Wonderful examples of these antiquities can be seen at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles in the permanent collection.  Also of interest is  a short film showing how the glass was blown to achieve the iridescent patina.

The glass disc necklaces are a mix of glass dating back to the Roman Empire and ancient recycled glass– antique but not considered Roman glass.  These discs have had many permutations due to a recycling process employed in ancient times by both Roman and Islamic cultures.

The  vibrant green beads that comprise the Islamic glass necklaces are excavated pieces from bracelets dating back to the 12th century, considered ‘The Golden Age’ of Islamic  glass.   Please see the blog posts showing examples of these bracelets excavated in their entirety.  More designs with these beautiful bottle greens are forthcoming.

As they are glass, and fragile, keep them boxed with their pouch and they will last to become the treasure they are meant to be – lovingly kept and handed down as heirlooms to the next generation with the same, deep fascination for their mystery.

Production and Materials

Every piece from ficelles de fidelle is a unique creation- hand picked gemstones, Tahitian pearls and ancient glass.  Each piece- handcrafted, knotted and hand tamped in studio.  No two pearls are alike and every strand of Ancient glass has its own design personality.  A random bead pattern is employed in some designs so each will be unique in its outcome.

Please note that  gold content varies.  If you desire your pieces to be made entirely out of gold, the Etruscan Glass can be designed with 18 and 24 karat gold wire and discs and priced accordingly.  Please see Custom Orders.  All earrings are made with 14 karat gold wire and can also be fabricated in 18 and 24 karat if you desire a more lush patina harking back to ancient designs.


Most items at ficelles de fidelle will be readily available on an ongoing basis can be shipped within one week of ordering.  The Etruscan Collection is a limited edition.  Please allow up to four weeks for delivery as the method for stringing these unusual beads is intricate in its fabrication.  More glass will be sourced as it becomes reputably and sustainably available.  A complete list of wholesale prices is available upon request.  Please supply your resale or tax ID #.


This site uses Pay Pal which accepts most major credit cards.   Checks, money orders are also accepted. A mailing address can be supplied by contacting

A 9% sales tax will apply for orders within the state of California.

Packing and Shipping

Your items will be graciously packaged, shipped and insured via priority mail.  A flat rate of $10.00 will apply.  For International deliveries, a flat rate of $20.00 will be added for 1st class shipping, handling and insurance.


If for any reason the wearer is not satisfied, items may be returned postmarked no later than 7 days of delivery confirmation.  You  will be refunded the full amount less shipping.   Please pack and ship items carefully to ensure their safe return without damage or loss.

Custom Design

You are invited to ask questions at  to conspire with ficelles de fidelle to create a custom design.  Collaboration is always welcome.  Please note an agreed upon non-refundable deposit will apply.

Emails and Updates

If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive updates and notifications of future trunk and craft shows please send your information to  All information will be kept private and confidential and used only should you wish to be contacted by email or the occasional snail mail.